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Review of VIBRANT COMMUNITIES for 2015

  Key words: localization
- Aiming to serve Migrant Children
- Developed a three year strategic plan
- Rebranded with new logo and visual scheme

Communications and Fundraising

  Key words: Crowdfunding l Fundraising analysis l Chinese website
- First trial on crowdfunding and fund raised US140,000 dollars

- Chinese website was launched

-Initiated a donation monitor and analysis system

Program Operations
Key words: Scale l Standardization l Professionalism l Impact

- ECD operation hours and scale extended, and the target children group extended from 2-3 year olds to 2-5 year olds
- Launched creative arts sessions
- Total beneficiary number were 10,540, total beneficiary hours were 520,040 and our total volunteers were 2,128

- ECD teacher training system was completed
- For ASP, clearer and more dtandardized volunteer management guidelines were set up

- ECD program logic model was revised
- New programs were developed and run on a trial basis, such as one on one homework tutoring

Social impact

- Cooperated with other NGOs on ECD program module.
- Supported NGOs on ECD capacity building

2015, thank you for the support of the vitality of the community, please continue to pay attention to the progress of the 2016 annual community work, any questions welcome letter communication: info@vibrant.ngo
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