Currently, Vibrant Communities has 27 working staff in total, and they work either in Beijing or Shanghai. Under the supervision and encouragement of 4 members of the Council, Vibrant Communities team members support each other and maintain close communication. Members of the Administration Department take good care of the financial, personal, and broadcasting affairs. The Project Department's staff work work at the frontline, concentrating on operating community centers at the districts where migrant people gather and carry out a variety of projects and activities to draw attention to the problem of migrant children's development. They share the vivid life stories of this service community, make concerted efforts to unpredictable situations, and enjoy all the outcomes because of giving. It is the feeling of getting fulfillment that they experienced on this rough but bright road.

We will hold on to Vibrant Communities values "Treating people respectively; Doing things pragmatically; Cooperating with good faith; Innovating by making grate efforts" in the future. A team with energy, strength and responsibility will continually grow and be rooted in the migrant people community, aiming at providing service to migrant children's development with professionalism and high-efficiency.

It is deeply believed that will be Better Lives for Migrant Children.
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