The operation of VIBRANT COMMUNITIES depends on donations from the community. We cooperate with enterprises and foundations, believing that such cooperation will benefit migrant people communites by way of offering more opportunities and resources. VIBRANT COMMUNITIES promises that it will treat every donation respectfully. VIBRANT COMMUNITIES' annual budget will be made and the Audit Report delivered by the accounting firm, who is in charge of VIBRANT COMMUNITIES audit, will be released accordingly.

VIBRANT COMMUNITIES offers tax-free donation invoices, thank you letters and volunteer opportunities to enterprises who donate. Meanwhile, VIBRANT COMMUNITIES will provide project proposals, budget reports, project development reports and financial reports, which will clearly show the use of the donation. A donor party’s audit is accepted and welcomed.
To use social resources more effectively, VIBRANT COMMUNITIES welcome second-hand items from the community, which include: well- functioning second-hand laptops, desktops, cameras, projectors, stereos, air-conditioners, and any other equipment that help the VIBRANT COMMUNITIES centers daily functioning. A thank you letter will be sent to each GIK donor to show VIBRANT COMMUNITIES' gratitude.

Millions of professionals in China can be seen as a pool of potential promoters for social innovation and development. To encourage this, VIBRANT COMMUNITIES invites employees with professional skills to bring added value to benefit public interest. VIBRANT COMMUNITIES is looking for public service offers from professional enterprises, which include but are not limited to: Annual audit, legal advice, public relations, advertising services, and video production. We also welcome cooperative enterprises offering professional staff to carry out short-term projects at VIBRANT COMMUNITIES, including finance, human resources, communications, technical support and other support, VIBRANT COMMUNITIES wishes to promote better cooperation, so that more enterprises can take part in social construction, innovation and development.
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