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VIBRANT COMMUNITIES Spring Project Performance 2015

The Floating Hope

-VIBRANT COMMUNITIES Spring Project Performance 2015

On June 14th 2015, VIBRANT COMMUNITIES Spring Project Performance 2015 “The Floating Hope” begun with the heat of the sun at the Today Art Museum.

In the early morning, VIBRANT COMMUNITIES staff and workers in charge of venue decoration had arrived at the Today Art Museum to build the stage for performance and arrange the exhibition.
Swans which are made up of numerous pieces of paper, robots, 3D printing Eiffel Tower, and glasses were all handmade by VIBRANT COMMUNITIES participants. These exhibition works were for sale, and funds raised would be used to cover part of the cost of community center’s daily operation.

At around 11:30 am, students, parents, Community Center staff and volunteers from East Dam, Zhu room, black bridge, and West Branch Districts arrived and put on makeup for rehearsal. 1:30 pm, VIBRANT COMMUNITIES Spring Project Performance 2015 began in the beautiful voice of the little host.
Two waving flags witness the process of this huge event. Children did every action seriously to show the best of themselves.
It is said that mother's arms are the safest place within the world. Mothers are considered to be one of the most respective persons by both the old and the young. Performance given by mothers and children from the Project of Dongba Center’s Children’s Development at Early Stage reflected the true meaning of pure love from mothers. And smiles of these performers could be seen as the best explanation of migrant parents and migrant children’s real living sitiation. VIBRANT COMMUNITIES hopes to bring this kind of happiness to more migrant families.
"Nobody nobody but you, nobody nobody but you", along with the energetic dance of Dongba center’s children, the atmosphere of the Exhibition became hot and provocative!
During the gap between children’s performance, here came out first auction. Works of the first auction was made up from living materials such as green beans, red beans and rice by mothers from the Project of Zhufang Center’s Children’s Development at Early Stage. “The garden shown on the picture is just like VIBRANT COMMUNITIES. Mothers and children study seriously and play happily at this place. My child once had told me that if I did not play with him now, he would be grown up, which hit my thoughts. Here at VIBRANT COMMUNITIES I learned how to better get along with the children”, representative of mothers said. VIBRANT COMMUNITIES would trace after the goal of building up good relationship between parents and children as one of the tasks of children development at early stage. Effective accompany time, scientific education method, and love of full acceptance would all help children to grow in a healthy way.
The next performance was the fashion show of “Hawaii Style”. Through recreation simple plastic bags, old clothes and colored paper waste materials became fashionable cloth worn on children. Children’s education was not only about mothers’ caring, fathers’ accompany was also something that matters.
The adorable children were always the spotlight. Kids from the middle level of the kindergarten delivered the performance of , and it successfully brought the big laughter of all the audience.

While the Exhibition is undergoing, volunteers of charity bazaar were trying their best selling the handmade products of children.
Children showed their youth and vitality by putting their heart and soul playing the cylinder dance and the sleeves dance.
In the second auction, mothers from the Project of Xidian Center’s Children’s Development at Early Stage explained the meaning of , the action product. She said, ”the man within this artifact is made up of buttons of different colors, every single one button shows a family. VIBRANT COMMUNITIES helps build our small families into a united big one. It gives our small families hope and brings us fruits of all kinds. By hearing these words, all the staff working at VIBRANT COMMUNITIES were touched. Beneficiaries’ satisfaction was and would be continually Vibrant Community’s continuous power of advancement, and it did contribute to maintaining vitality for VIBRANT COMMUNITIES.
After that, it followed a dance. Children from taekwondo class used their power and their voice of “Heng Heng Ha Ha” successfully drew our attention and applause.
Under the hot sun, VIBRANT COMMUNITIES Spring Project Performance 2015 last for more than two hours. Behind this simple performance, it was the careful preparation of students' parents and staff of the centers for more than one month. The fantastic shows were the perfect reflection of all their efforts. We were very pleased to see their growth, especially when they stood on the stage with confidence. Meanwhile, it is the witnessing point where we found the true meaning of the existence of VIBRANT COMMUNITIES. It was hoped that we could accompany more migrant people in the coming days and be the guardians of the flowers of hope within migrant people’s heart.
Photography by Jing LI, Bowen ZHENG, Hao LIU.


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