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Story Bridge Program

On June 25, 2016, the Story Bridge Program, co-presented by Vibrant Communities and pARTticipate, completed its first play "The Song of Tanghulu" in Beijing Nine Theatre. "The Song of Tanghulu" delineated the stories of a candied fruit seller on the street and other people in his life. The play vividly presented the real lives of migrant workers and their family who moved from rural areas all over China to big cities like Beijing to find better means of livelihood.
The completion of the play was led by experts on stories collection, script writing and drama performance. It was directed by Dr. Richard Geer, a well-known American community-based theatre director, and the founder of the Community Empowerment Program. The play featured real-life migrants from Vibrant Theatrical Troupe playing fictional character. The Vibrant Theatrical Troupe is constituted of migrant actors in different age groups from 6 to 60. They do not possess any acting experience, but are incredibly passionate to devote themselves into the community theatre and perform their authentic and appealing life stories as migrants living on edges of the city of Beijing.
The Story Bridge Program, being one of Vibrant Communities' main programs on Equal Opportunities on Education, aims at empowering migrant families through putting them on stage to improve their self-confidence, communication and leadership skills. Vibrant Communities believes in the potential of migrants' active longing for better lives, while the Story Bridge Program will be the opportunity for the migrants to show more audience their potential. 23 media reported this show and commented on the play highly. 16 PwC employees enjoyed the play and gave very good comments.

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